Scaling Your Inefficiencies

I hear a lot of people say that they want to go bigger or they want to take their company or business to the next level. I think this is a very natural thing to want and from a social point of view I think it is great as it creates more jobs and allows for more reach and innovation in the marketplace.

What I am always wary of, however, is the way in which people are looking to expand. Most people think that doing more will bring them more; like adding a new product or package or tacking on some new feature that they’ve seen somewhere. This mentality is a lazy one, in my opinion, and it is born of the belief that there is a silver bullet, which will fix all your problems.

If you haven’t grown organically already, it is because you are doing something to hold your customers back from interacting and buying from you on a larger scale.

I remember when I started off in business my mentor used to tell me:

“It’s who you are that determines what you do and ultimately what you’ll have”.

This has always stuck with me! The customer will react more to who you are than what you do, and to what you do than what you have.

That is why, when companies talk about how many offices they have, or the size of their fleet or how many employees they have and awards or trophies they’ve got, we all yawn and say that we couldn’t care less.

When they talk about what they do, we are more interested, but we can’t distinguish them from anyone else in the same industry.

When they talk from a place of values and who they are at their core, we either agree and align with it, or we disagree and we step away from it. My mentors in Australia called this the attract and repel principle. Everything you put out should be attracting or repelling your prospects in the marketplace.

This makes selling, promoting, marketing, advertising and branding much easier because now you’re just looking for people who identify with you and who you are. This is how the best brands a build, and is how (by the way) Donald Trump is now president of the USA.

So, in conclusion, it is good to want to scale, but it is more important to figure out who you are and what you do so that the customers, clients, money, attention and businesses come to you. This is the smarter way to work. In fact, the only way to work in the long run.

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