Each Work As A Process

All things done under the sun can be a process. How? Your daily routine going to work – from waking up to brushing your teeth to dressing up and driving or commuting to work is a process in itself. Let’s say you’ve been coming to work late almost on a daily basis. Identifying what in your daily routine in going to work eats up most of your time and finding a way to eliminate or improve them will be very helpful. Is it the time it takes to get you out of bed and snoozing your alarm clock several times? Is it the bad traffic on the route you are taking going to work? Identifying which part of the process causes you to be late is as crucial as finding solutions to your problem.

The same is true when it comes to getting things done at work.  You may be unaware or simply taking each step you take on getting the job done for granted. But there is wisdom in seriously documenting the process you go through in order to accomplish the task at hand. Writing them down easily surfaces inefficiencies like a sore thumb and once identified, it would be easier to eradicate or improve them.

If you are leading a team, sharing the documented process would be very helpful in showing how they can be more productive in terms of improving or saving time in doing their work. Hearing their insights on the documented process will provide an even better venue to systematize and streamline.

Taking the time to document common processes may be tedious but doing so will allow you to take your work to the next level and produce better if not the best results.   Don’t take them for granted. Those seemingly simple, routinary, mundane processes are the way to better accomplish your job.

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