Organizing to the Next Level

Remember those organizers back in the 90’s? It’s that thick and sometimes leather bound notebook type that literally carries every detail of your daily life.  That time, it really helped me cope with the many schedules and “to do’s” of a student’s life. It brought everything in one pile – my calendar, to do list, notes, list of expenses, contacts, all sort of ID’s and cards. It even has a pocket that serves as a wallet. Leaving the house without it would mean having to go through your day without a sense of order or direction.

I still see those organizers on store racks. And there are still those who highly depend on them. Although most of us still make use of organizers, it is no longer in the form of a leather bound notebook. We now call them gadgets that serve not just as organizers, but as powerful communication tools we get to carry with us every day.

Having a system or tool in order to get organized is definitely helpful in getting things done efficiently. Organizers have served its purpose to help people systematize. However, bringing that to the next level, the use of gadgets served even more people as it is used as a communication tool as well. Both help make our lives pretty organized and systematized. However, embracing the transition from using manual organizers to the use of gadgets undeniably brought us better and faster results.

Same is true in the way we get organized in our businesses. While a particular way or system brings order and the results we want for a particular time, welcoming a transition or bringing the system to the next level will most probably produce results beyond what we have targeted to achieve.

Get organized and be read y to embrace and bring your way of doing things to the next level.

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