The Beauty of Delegation

What can actually help a manager focus on issues that are of higher priority and requires more of their managerial skills? I say it is delegation. It simply means giving up certain tasks so a manager can do what he does best and delegate other equally important tasks to the rest of the team.

Delegation if imparted to future managers of the organization from the very beginning can help stop them from micromanaging which may cause a lot of frustration to both the manager and those being managed as well as prevent high turnover rates.

Successful delegation happens when plans and expectations are clearly communicated. There is a need to plan and organize what tasks will be delegated and set the expectations for each. Clarity is key if you want to achieve the desired results of delegation. Give specific instructions and make sure that each one is within the context of the overall target of the organization. Regular reviews should be in place in order to monitor progress and give employees the right venue to ask questions and check if they are still on track.

That is on a micro level. However, the same is true on a macro level. It is possible to delegate tasks like systematizing, streamlining and scaling for your business while focusing on what you do best as a company. This will really help leverage your time and prepare for future growth and advancement of your company just as it prepares employees for possible promotions and assignments.

Do you still find it hard to delegate tasks as a manager or as a company? What steps are you willing to take in order to benefit from delegation? Have you been clear in communicating plans and expectations as you delegate?  Focus on what you do best. The time to delegate is now.

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