The Beauty of Delegation

What can actually help a manager focus on issues that are of higher priority and requires more of their managerial skills? I say it is delegation. It simply means giving up certain tasks so a [...]

Each Work As A Process

All things done under the sun can be a process. How? Your daily routine going to work – from waking up to brushing your teeth to dressing up and driving or commuting to work is a process in [...]

What is your deepest why?

I came across a video on why people should try waking up early. The video goes to show how great thinkers, CEO’s and prominent people has learned to adapt the habit of waking up early and how it [...]

To Streamline or Strip

Recently there was a huge outcry from Hollywood over Kanye West’s comments supporting President Trump. This was all over twitter. What I found most bizarre however was one of his responses where [...]

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