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What Do You Need?

This is where we assess and work out exactly what needs to happen, the challenges ahead and the problems or difficulties at hand. After getting a clear idea of what the desired results are and where we are going, we proceed to forming a roadmap of the steps needed to achieve these results and the strategies to be deployed to bring them to fruition.

Ideation, Product or Project Definition

Strategic Planning


Let’s Make It Happen.

There are two parts to this step in the process. First is the design of how it will look for you and for your customers. The first impression that customers and prospects get of you and your brand matters a lot.

Custom design from scratch web and mobile applications

Graphics, UI/UX

The other part of design is the make up of what you are trying to achieve. This is the actual blueprint of what needs to be built. Getting the design of the actual systems and mechanism you will use will influence your efficiency and effectiveness in the market.

User Stories, Business and Functional Requirements Specs

Technical Requirements Specs


Personalize and Customize.

We now personalize it according to your requirements and in full coherence with your desired results. With the speed and efficiency of the Apptus Platform, you can have a fully functioning, workable app and system straight away. All the intricacies and details that are essential to executing your vision are easily implemented, allowing you to focus on your core business while Apptus takes care of everything else in the background.

Apptus Platform allows you to rapidly develop, manage and deploy business apps, delivered as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud.

Point & Click, Drop & Drop Wizard, User Interface Builder, User-Driven Workflow Engine

Business Intelligence, On-demand and Adhoc

Reports Builder

Notifications, SMS and Email

Mobile Enabled in all OS

Google Apps Integration

Device Integration

 Flexible Open API, Inter-Operable Model

 Flexible Security and Access Control


Getting it Right.

When you’re ready to launch we help you get everything into place- smooth and simple. We test and measure everything to the most minute of details to ensure a high quality product which works every time. The testing phase also allows us to pick up anything that we might have missed and to clean up the rough spots so that you and your customers can have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Web Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing


Let’s Bring It To Life.

We are committed to seeing you win. This is why we continue to be at your service through our Technical Support, where we smooth out any hiccups or speed bumps that may arise as you get started. Marketing Support is also provided so you can get the best out of your new systems and bring in loads of new customers and revenue for your business.

Technical Support, Help Desk

Marketing Support

Apptus Digital

Do what you do best. Let us take care of the rest!


We build a brand based around the values of the company and the things that matter most to them. This allows the company to show what they are about and what they stand for. It provides a venue for them to differentiate themselves as more than just a service or product and attract those who believe what they believe.

Website Design and Development

We develop a state of the art website to solidify your digital presence. We provide end-to-end – conceptualization, user experience and interface design, content architecture, and development. We make sure that your site’s place in the digital space is visually and contextually strong and relevant.

Photo, Video and Motion

We understand the importance of telling your story! Visuals dramatically increase the value of your message. Your story will be told in the most compelling way possible to match the needs and attention of your audience. We make sure that it is not only communicated in a way that makes you happy and proud, but more importantly, delivered in the most easily consumable way for your customers and prospects.

Content Management

Get the right tone and message for your website. Make sure your voice is authentic and relatable for your target market and moves your prospects to action. It’s not just delivering information, it’s about making sure that every piece is communicated effectively and easily understood. One that calls your audience into action.

Social Media

Get more leads and attract your ideal clients by building a social media presence. Let it build your brand and solidify your place in your industry by creating real engagement with your followers and prospects. We cover all the relevant social media platforms and have an innovative and dynamic strategy which guarantees results in a very short period of time.


Ensure that you are first on the customer’s mind. We make your company easy to find with our Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click management services. In a digital world, this is an absolute must for any business or enterprise trying to gain clients and grow their presence in the market.

Apptus Marketplace

Apptus collaborates with many partners to bring a wide variety of products and services to the market.

Franchise Management

Invoice & Billing Management

Inventory Management

Task & Event Management

Workorder Management

Support Ticketing System

Customer Service Management

Customer Relationship Management


G Suite

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